These experts have combined to sell over 1 million books and all share their journey in our Get Published Summit.

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Bryan Acosta

CEO, Advent Trinity Marketing Agency

Ray Brehm

Founder, Dauntless

Paul Brodie

CEO, Brodie Consulting

Rob Cubbon

Founder, RobCubbon.com

Derek Doepker

Founder, Bestseller Secrets

Ashley Emma

Founder, Fearless Publishing House

Jonathan Green

Founder, Serve No Master

Daniel Hall

Founder, Real Fast Results

Adam Hogue

Preacher, Teacher, Novelist and WSJ & USA Today Best Selling Author

Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Nick Loper

Founder, Side Hustle Nation

Anita Plak Semprimoznik

Marketing strategist & Best-selling author, Hisa resitev

Alinka Rutkowska

CEO, Leaders Press

Gin Stephens

Founder, Delay, Don't Deny!

Matt Stone

Founder, Buck Books

Jesse Tevelow

Founder, Launch Team

Eric Van Der Hope

Book Publishing Shepherd - Book Publishing Strategist, Globalnet Publishing

Tyler Wagner

Head Honcho, Authors Unite